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For siding to fulfill its purpose effectively, proper installation is paramount. It’s crucial to entrust this task to someone reliable and experienced. That’s why we extend our services to Bensalem, PA, ensuring you find the perfect siding styles and colors to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home. If you’re in Bensalem, PA, don’t hesitate to reach out to our contractors now for expert assistance!


Durability stands as a fundamental attribute essential for siding, given that the exterior cladding of your wall remains continuously exposed to various external elements. Whether it be scorching heat, heavy rain or snow, dust, pests, or even fire, your siding ought to possess a level of resistance to all these factors to guarantee the safety and protection of your home.

Should your siding fall short in meeting these criteria, it not only jeopardizes the functionality of your house by succumbing to damage from leaks, water, heat, pests, etc., but also detracts from its aesthetic appeal by appearing worn-out and damaged. Moreover, the long-term repercussions may result in increased expenses for repairs and replacements.

Water Damage Resistance

Water ranks among the foremost destructive elements capable of impacting your home. Despite its sometimes inconspicuous presence, it has the potential to proliferate swiftly, precipitating additional issues and emitting unpleasant odors while fostering decay.

Not only does water have the capacity to mar the appearance of your siding by causing paint damage and cracks, but it can also induce swelling and facilitate mold growth, presenting a nightmare scenario for any homeowner and potentially leading to costly remedies depending on the extent of the infestation.

Nevertheless, it is unrealistic to anticipate that your siding will remain impervious to water, as external factors such as rain, hail, and snow can still introduce moisture even in the absence of internal leaks.

Maintaining Appearance

We can all concur that investing in siding that quickly deteriorates upon installation and lacks longevity is futile.

Opting for a new and improved siding installation proves more beneficial than continually tending to repairs and replacements.

James Hardie and Plygem Siding excel in this aspect, remaining robust and virtually maintenance-free even after enduring years of harsh weather conditions.

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The siding of your house holds immense significance, as it significantly influences your home’s appearance and market value. Whether you intend to sell or rent your property, it plays a pivotal role in attracting tenants or buyers. Beyond aesthetics, siding also serves as a protective barrier, enhancing your home’s resilience to environmental factors. Therefore, selecting the right siding is paramount. At Region Home Services, we offer a diverse array of siding options to cater to your specific needs and preferences.

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